Koida Black (diabase)

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We are proud to introduce our latest product, the fascinating Koida Black. It is quarried in North Karelian region. This timeless dolerite usually maintains fine or medium texture. It has a rich black colour with extremely hard and tough surface, which polishes exceptionally well.


Mineral composition

Plagioclase 53,6 %
Pyroxene 39,0 %
Opaque 6,4 %
Amphibole 1,0 %

Tecnical properties of Koida Black material

Compression strength (EN 1926)  366  MPa
Flexural strength (EN 12372) 26.8  MPa
Frost resistance Good
Water absorption (EN 13755) 0.046 %
Density (EN 1936) 3092 kg/m3
Frost resistance (EN 12371) No visible changes