Karelia Red – A (rapakivi granite)


The Karelia Red is being quarried in Virolahti area, South-Eastern Finland. This unique red stone has a long tradition worldwide and the quarrying history extends over the centuries. Karelia Red – everlasting beauty.


Compression strength (EN 1926) 166 MPa
Flexural strength (EN 12372) 9.7 Mpa
Water absorption (EN 13755) 0.15 w-%
Density (EN 1936) 2690 kg/m3

Mineral composition

K_feldspar 40.1 Wt%
Quartz 23.3 Wt%
Plagioclase 19.3 Wt%
Amphibole 11.2 Wt%
Biotite 4.5 Wt%
Others 1.5 Wt%