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In this letter, we want to inform you about an acquisition made in June 2013. As a consequence Taivassalon Graniitti Oy, a significant Finnish producer and exporter of granite, has now new ownership and a new name. Strong traditions will continue as the know-how accumulated over decades is being transferred from one generation to the next. The new TG Granit Oy has a desire to serve it’s customers as a quality and efficiency forerunner in the global stone industry.

New owners for Taivassalon Graniitti

TG-Group Oy acquired the entire share capital of Taivassalon Graniitti Oy from Ismo and Tommi Kainu.

The founders of TG-Group Oy are Unto Ahtola, Andreas Tallberg and Arto Metsänen. Tommi Kainu will remain as a partner, board member and consultant for TG-Group Oy.

TG-Group Oy’s Managing Director Unto Ahtola has a wealth of experience in the stone and quarrying business, having served in various positions within Sandvik Mining and Construction for over 30 years. “I’m extremely excited about this deal. Taivassalon Graniitti’s exceptionally professional staff , excellent quarries and firm customer relationships enable solid foundation for the continuous development of the company. It is crucial for us to have Tommi’s expertise at our disposal going forward.”

“The company has excellent development prospects and we believe that the transfer of the ownership will accelerate our growth on the global market. The stone industry expertise by the new owners ensures the stability of the company also in the future,” states Tommi Kainu.

Name changed to TG Granit Oy

Taivassalon Graniitti Oy’s name was changed to TG Granit Oy in September 2013. TG is an established trade name that is already well known by our customers.

Since the beginning of September the company office has been located in Tampere. Unto Ahtola and Petra Alho, who started as Customer Service Manager also in September, are located in the new office. Petra has experience in the stone and quarrying industry earlier employed by Sandvik Mining and Construction. Logistics education and years of work experience within transportation also strengthen the expertise of TG Granit Oy.

The change of Managing Director

After the acquisition, Unto Ahtola has worked as Managing Director of TG-Group Oy and as Chairman of the Board of TG Granit Oy. January 1st 2014, Unto Ahtola will take over the position of Managing Director of TG Granit Oy from Tommi Kainu.

Best regards,

Unto Ahtola
TG Granit Oy

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