TG Blu (staurolite mica schist)

The Stone of Power and Control

Staurolite is a commonly found mineral in metamorphic rocks. It forms when shale is strongly altered by regional metamorphism. The name Staurolite derives from the Greek words stauros (”cross”) and lithos, which reflects the fact that staurolite commonly occurs in a cross shape.

For centuries, the stone has been prized as a good luck talisman, used in religious jewellery, carved into cameos, and worn as amulets.

There are many legends about Staurolite. In Brittany, staurolite was said to have fallen from the sky. In North America, the legend says that staurolite stones were the tears of the Cherokee tribe of Native North Americans, who in the 1800’s, were following the trail of tears to reservations after they were forced to leave their ancestral lands. But the most widely known legend says that staurolite was formed from the tears the fairies shed when they heard the news of Christ’s death.

Throughout history, staurolite has been used in magic ceremonies, as it was thought to strengthen the power of rituals. It is also thought to be able to access the ancient wisdom of the Middle East. Staurolite has always been carried around to protect the wearer against disease, accidents, and overall negativity.

We are very excited that we can now offer you this captivating magic on our new TG Blu stones.


Technical properties

Compression strength (EN 1926) 209  MPa
Flexural strength (EN 12372) 39  MPa
Water absorption (EN 1936) 0.25 %
Density (EN 1936) 2.83 kg/dm3
Hardness 5.6 Mohs